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With over 10 years “in house” Bag and Accessory design experience, contacts around the world and partnerships with suppliers in the Far East, we think we can help you achieve the product you want to bring to market. I loved the creative design aspect of the positions I’ve held, as well as working with other great designers. I’ve enjoyed encouraging and supporting other designers and taken pride in seeing them produce their best, however, I’ve always been equally at home with headphones-on sketching new concepts or getting involved with the pattern cutters in suppliers sample rooms. Now “Supercharged632- Design & Research” is here to design, develop and even produce your Bag or Accessory dream.

John – supercharged632 design 😉


Rapid Concept generation.
Strong 3D awareness of product when designing on paper.
3D sketch modelling skills in various materials.
Computer skills: Illustrator CS5; Photoshop; 3D software; Dreamweaver.
Excellent knowledge of materials for Bag and Accessories manufacture.
Excellent knowledge of Bag construction with consideration to consequences of design on pattern cutting.
Skills to spec for micro injection and full injection mouldings for branding and zips, buckles, other components etc.
10 years experience of developing products with factories and suppliers in the Far East, from concept to final product.
Good relationships and/or partnerships with suppliers.
Work to target FOBs.
Strong communication skills.
Competitor shopping and research trips.
Presenting product at launch.
Trend Information collation.
Team management and multi category project co-ordination.

If you need a research and trend report pulling together, fresh bag & accessory concepts drawn, some slick renderings bashed out, or maybe the whole thing right from brief through to production ready samples…please get in touch.